healthy eating

Healthy eating for healthy children

Healthy eating for growing bodies

At the Carousel Nursery we understand how important it is for your children to have a healthy and nutritional meal during their early growing and development. That’s why we have our own in-house chef!

Healthy Eating at Carousel Nursery

Snacks are provided in both the morning and afternoon and breakfast, lunch and dinner are also able to be offered.

Healthy Meal for Children at Nursery

Independence and individual choice during meal times is encouraged with two menu options offered to children when choosing their lunch. The nursery also ensures we honour family dietary requirements.

Freshest and healthiest ingredients

Only fresh ingredients, free from artificial additives, colourings and preservatives are used in all food preparation. Through our planning walls staff organise activities that allow the children to bake cakes and prepare food for their lunches, dinner or to take home.

If your child has any special dietary needs they can usually be catered for by discussing with the nursery manager.
Just call Nicola on 01324 630 101 for full details.

Healthy eating nursery meals

Social Interaction

Meal times are valuable for socialisation and interaction between children help them learn how to come together and be part of a group.