dippers nursery play room

Dippers Play Room (2-3 years)

Dippers Activity Room for 2-3 year olds

Through praise and support we provide opportunities for your child to explore new learning experiences by stimulating their mind through individual attention and group participation.

We sing songs, nursery rhymes and set the foundations for learning colours, numeracy, shapes and sizes as well as knowledge and understanding of the world we live in.

Building with nursery carer

We follow their lead and with gentle encouragement the children gain confidence in all areas of the curriculum.

Access to a range of educational activities

Each child has access to a range of educational equipment such as books, puzzles, physical play equipment, interactive board and computer.

There are two spacious play rooms for the Dippers, and the children can move freely between different areas within these rooms, whether it’s the mini gym, art, craft area or the story corner.

Children paint and enjoy listening to and playing music which helps to develop their senses and extends their ability to communicate ideas and feelings.

0-2 Years Activity Room

And, when the children need a rest from all the excitement a peaceful room is available.

Working with you we encourage individual menu choice and we follow your lead when you feel its best for your toddler to be toilet trained.

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