candy floss play room

Candy Floss Nursery Room (0-2 years)

Candy Floss Nursery Room for babies to 2 years old

Like at home your baby is kept to a routine and develops early skills like crawling and walking.

The birth to 3 curriculum guidelines are followed, encouraged and assist in developing all your baby’s senses.

Babies are assisted to develop their motor skills with the use of the ball pool and are encouraged to develop their ability to feed themselves and mix with other children with positive encouragement.

All activities are child led and through observations of babies at play we can develop new learning experiences.

Dedicated Facilities

The Candy Floss room has it’s own dedicated kitchen area where milk and meals can be prepared. This large colourful room is split into two areas, with one area for babies who are walking and another for babies who have still to acquire this skill. There is a dedicated sleep room available for babies when they need rest.

Fully supported and interactive

The 0 - 2 room has a ratio of 1 adult to 3 babies allowing for the nurturing of your child with lots of cuddles, smiles and eye contact.

Candy Floss Nursery Room

Your baby interacts with their key worker through engaging sounds, verbal communication, music and tummy time. For the well being of the younger babies, they have access to the swinging chair, donut or free play on the sensory mats.

0-2 Years Activity Room

Older babies can master the physical play equipment and other constructive educational toys as well as being able to go to the story corner for some quiet time. Also, your baby’s privacy is maintained in a separate changing room.

There are various other activities that can be enjoyed outside in the specially built baby garden and, weather permitting, we encourage outdoor play as much as possible.

Your baby can also visit the conservatory where we encourage sensory and heuristic play, with various displays on offer.

Call Nicola or Tracie on 01324 630101 or register your child below with the Carousel Nursery to help ensure your child gets off to the best early start.