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Nursery Fees and Opening Times

Nursery & Child Care Fees & Nurseries Hours


Our fees are very competitive and vary depending on the service offered, so please call or email for more information.

We are flexible and can accommodate:-

Early - Late Pickup



Hourly Rates

Our unique flexicare sessions are the ideal solution to your individual requirements. Perhaps you work different shift patterns or just need some time to yourself.

Flexicare lets you choose the hours that your child attends the nursery.

Opening Hours
We can open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

The nursery is open all year round and only closed for 1 week at Christmas

Schedule of Fees/Contract 2021

Full Week – £275.00
Sessions (8-1, 1-6)£35.00
Full Day – £56.00
Hourly – £10.0

Before 8am and after 6pm – £11.00 per hour
Meals (0-2 years) – £2.00 | (2-3 years) – £3.50

Fees are payable by the last working day of the month (i.e. these funds must be in our account by this time) for the following month in advance. Our preferred method of payment is by standing order.

All late payments received will incur a £5 daily charge which will be applied to the following months invoice.

Children over 3 years are entitled to receive 1140 funded hours, a provision for pre-school as agreed with local councils. Preschool hours equates to 30 hours a week (3 days), term time or 22 hours (2 days) over 51 weeks.

Unused hours cannot be banked. Childcare is calculated over 51 weeks (closed 1 week for Christmas holidays) and divided equally over 12 months.

We are registered for Tax-free Childcare, the government will pay £2 for every £8 you pay. You can receive Tax-Free childcare at the same time as 30 hours free childcare if you are eligible for both. Please visit Get Tax-Free Childcare: step by step – GOV.UK (

Some families can access financial support through Universal Credit. They can pay up to 85% of your nursery fees. There are also other options to help with childcare costs. Please visit for further details.

Full time children are entitled to holidays “free of charge”. This annual entitlement is 2 weeks.

Carousel requires a minimum of 10 hours per week to be paid for per calendar month.

Changes to care arrangements require notification in writing, forms are available on request. If your child is leaving Carousel, one month’s notice is required in writing.

No refunds can be given for non-attendance/holidays/illness as expenses have already been incurred.

Disruptions to Service (Force Majeure) On occasion there may be circumstances beyond our control (including, but not limited to weather conditions, pandemics, flooding, affected utility supply, medical emergencies) that means the decision has to be taken to close Carousel Nursery. If we are obliged on these occasions to pay the staff, then The Carousel reserves the right to charge for any session which your child would have attended if Carousel had not been closed due to circumstances beyond its control.

Carousel Child Care reserves the right to amend this contract.

There is always a demand for nursery childcare places so to ensure the best chance of securing a place for your child call Nicola or Tracie on 01324 630101 today or register your interest below for both your peace of mind and a happy start to your child’s future.