About Carousel Nursery Childcare

Carousel Nursery & Childcare is a local, family-owned nursery, based in Bainsford, Falkirk, providing nursery childcare facilities since 2000.

Our Philosophy - We Listen to both You and Your Child

Parents and guardians best understand their child’s personality and preferences and by working closely together we can make the right choices for you and your child.

About Carousel Nursery

Our aim is to provide a hugely positive experience for your child which will guarantee them the best start in life with children and adults working in collaboration to construct knowledge about and understand the world around them.

Parents Staff Association (PSA)

Girl playing on Lightbox
Kids in their Tee Shirts

The PSA (Parents Staff Association) meets regularly every 6 weeks and receives tremendous support from parents, who help plan and run events such as prize bingo, fun days and coffee mornings to help raise funds for the PSA.

The proceeds from these events assist in funding Christmas and special occasion parties, a summer fete and day trips, as well as other agreed activities.

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With help from the PSA we bought our clowntown children polo shirts, parents helped decide which t-shirts.

The Carousel Team

The Team

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There is always a demand for nursery childcare places so to ensure the best chance of securing a place for your child call Nicola or Tracie on 01324 630101 today or register your interest below for both your peace of mind and a happy start to your child’s future.